Another Need, and Another Donation

rest_small-1-of-2We Donate Together was thrilled to be able to present this check to REST and learn more about this amazing foundation. It is clear there is a huge need for donations of clothing, shoes, undergarments, hygiene items, etc. We would love to reach out to our sphere to help raise donations for the items needed.

When these girls and women are rescued they have nothing but the clothes they are wearing. Please connect to this link for the items rest_small-2-of-2they need and We Donate Together is willing to pick up or assist in any way we can to get these items to REST. We will provide a REST GIK form as well. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help with these needed items. Or if you would like to make a monetary donation, we have provided their link as well. , here is a list of needs we have, and lists of specific things within each category.

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