Our Business Development Launch

Along the way we have been so blessed and enlightened by everyone that has crossed our paths and helped us fulfill our vision.

It’s safe to say, that our consistent phrase to each other was “we don’t know what we don’t know!”

Through our dear friend, Peter Anderson from Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, we met The Belief Agency  This amazing team of incredibly talented individuals walked us through the eye opening experience of “how to package our vision” which created the logo and trade/service mark we are so proud of. They took extra time with us to guide us step by step, to clearly know what our vision statement would look like. We honestly feel they were as excited about this as we were!  We will forever work with and recommend the team at Belief Agency.

The first line of their process sums up exactly what we were able to gain from the experience, and what truly sets The Belief Agency apart from their competitors.  It also sums up exactly why they were the perfect team to help turn our vision into a reality.

Brands are built on differentiation and an organization’s first, strongest, and most powerful differentiation is their beliefs.


Through this experience we LEARNED WHAT WE NEEDED NEXT!!!  Now, forward with our belief…


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